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Our Culture and Philosophy




Our Culture and Philosophy

We are  hospitality professionals flowing together with a common sense of purpose and vision, all centered in respect and love for one another and our guests. Sociologists are blindly convinced that we should not enjoy each other’s company but we do and we love camaraderies we find in the family called Gez Turizm.

We are here because we love what we do and we want to be legendary in all we do. We follow our vision and enthusiastically receive coaching but we are not affraid to think for ourselves, it is dangerous not to think. We have not checked out brains at the door but we have rejected cynicism, skepticism and gossip. We do not agree on everything but we respect our differences and agree to disagree.

We both celebrate and struggle with our humanity but we learn from our mistakes and move on. We do not like words suchs as, it is not fair, it is not my job, it is not my department, we like to get the job done at any cost. We like to smile a lot and make eye contact when we talk.

We like discipline in all we do but we do not want to be starchy. We do not like having values written in a handbook and not lived, we like having them written in our hearts and lived out daily. We believe it is essential to have competence but we like to back it up with character. We believe in transparent, inspiring leadership and like to lead by example. We prefer to exercise relational authority rather than positional authority and treat others as we want o be treated. We are passionate about attention to detail, details are what make us different than our competitors. We believe in a balanced lifestyle, we love our company and work very hard but we do not neglect our families and ourselves.

We live and die by our standards, our standards are what make us legendary. We hate complacency, compromise and mediocracy they are our enemies and we fight them daily. We believe we have the best chefs and we are proud of our delicacies. We care too much about hygiene.

We hate weak coffee, weak service, weak standards, weak smiles, weak handshakes, weak relations, weak character, we find strength in our common values.



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